About Us

Meredith Clark
Meredith ClarkOwner and Designer

My clients are my guides. They share with me their lives and their experiences, and their homes are sacred spaces where I am fortunate to play a role in manifesting their vision.

I create for spaces unseen, knowing that the light sets the tone, but I love creating most when I get to personally know the space and the people to understand an intention that is greater than my own.

It is this shared vision that leads to the creation of something ultimately experienced as magical. Not many people actually get to say that they bring light to the world.

The Journey

Chandi was conceived in 1997 when owner and designer, Meredith Clark, found a box of antique crystals at an LA flea market. Even as Meredith completed the requirements for medical school, her appreciation for vintage lighting and her interest in the properties of crystal became her passion. She soon focused on Chandi alone, inspired by bringing the beauty of old European lighting design to a broader market and channeling her beliefs in non-traditional healing into her creations. Over the years, Meredith has honed her skills, expanded collections and styles, and added valuable team members to help manifest your vision.

The Process

Meredith says, “What I have learned over the years and under the guidance of many teachers is that energy felt cannot always be quantified or explained. When we create with a specific intention and purpose, our process will bear that energy to the final product, no longer ours alone, but a quality shared through what we have created.”

By translating this spirit to one-of-a-kind fixtures, Chandi has become a leader in the boutique lighting industry, known worldwide for mindful attention to detail and craftsmanship that can not only be seen but is felt in each creation.

As a Chandi client, your vision is the guiding force of the creative process, and the end result is a creation unique to you and to your space. Each custom chandelier truly is a unique piece of lighted sculpture.

The Manifestation

In every Chandi design, I interpret a client’s intention and vision, supported by a team who helps bring it to life. We respect each other’s roles in what we create, and understand that the final product is a true reflection of our conscious process.

I hope that through a small introduction to our world, you are confident in knowing that every attention to detail is dedicated to illuminating your vision. I love what has been created in Chandi as a company, and I look forward to the continued inspiration from my clients that allows it to grow and evolve.