Custom Cable Chandelier

Custom Chandelier with Cables designed in collaboration with Designer Suzy Accola of Q Tile & Lighting in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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NYIGF Summer Preview

Every single thing changes and is changing always in this world.  Yet with the same light the moon goes on shining.  ~Saigyo It's that time again!  Take a look at new designs as well as a few familiar Chandis we are bringing to NY.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you next week. If you are interested in any of the show pieces, email or call, as they are all available for pre-sale.  Visit us! NYIGF  Pier 94  #44027  August 18-21, 2012 .......................................................................... This summer has been a busy one at Chandi.  June was a record month for us (thanks to all of you believing in light!) and, of course as always happens, it was the month right before our move and before our summer show.  While the studio move was just a mile away, as you know if you have ever moved, it may as well have been a thousand miles, as everything gets upturned.  And with Chandi, it is both fortunate and not that it was immensely more involved than moving a warehouse or office.  Because everything is created in studio or locally, we operate simultaneously as a design studio where ideas are first conceived, a creative studio where those conceived ideas are brought into being, a design/wholesale business that services the industry, and now, in our new space, a showroom in which we interact daily with the public. My vision for the new space includes a retail store, bringing in local artisans who create home accessories that complement the Chandi vision, as well as offering repair and restoration services and, most exciting, offering workshops in which people are encouraged to express their own creativity in design and hands-on [...]

NYIGF Summer Preview2019-05-14T01:48:48-06:00

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