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Owner and designer, Meredith Clark, and her Chandi line of custom chandeliers and lighting has been a leader in the boutique lighting industry for almost 25 years. As a custom lighting studio, Chandi is committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that your vision for your space is brought to light. Ultimately, lighting is the focal point of any space we create. Whether it is the single element around which we construct all else or the last piece to be chosen, lighting unifies the space in which we move, create, rest and dream.

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Over 100 styles featured in our catalogue each created especially for you and modified to your design needs.

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Every chandelier is created to client finish specifications including hand painted, antique, metal leafed and more.

Made In USA

All Chandis are manufactured and created in the USA by our team of welders, wiring specialists, and beaders.

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